Koshirakura Festival Vehicle

A palanquin for goddesses. During the annual festival the maple tree travels between houses to celebrate memorable events that have taken place that year, such as a birth or marriage, a special birthday, the extension of a house, or success in business or studies.  To accompany the tree in parade, the mobile platform was conceived as a podium for speeches, singing performances, or the celebratory kiss requested of a husband and wife. It was developed further to allow a group to sit together comfortably, elevated above a ground often awash with water from the celebrations. It is also put to good use as a shuttle vehicle for the elderly women of the village, who provide catering and other essential support for the festival.  Built from timber using only a traditional Japanese pull saw, a small electric circular saw, and chisels, it can be disassembled and assembled seasonally by hand.  Aside from a few small wooden pegs, there are no fasteners in the structure.


Published in Before Object, After Image, by Shin Egashira, exhibited at the AA in 2006.