Plaster Sections

Twist a two meter strip of skin ply into a bauble, pinning where necessary.  Alternately, use any object you wish to view in section.  Find or build a sturdy box large enough to fit the bauble, coat the inside with Vaseline, or a similar release agent, paying special attention to the corners.  Place the bauble in the box.  Fill the box with modeling plaster and agitate the box to encourage all the air to escape from the plaster.  Wait for the plaster to dry.  Remove the hardened plaster from the box, disassembling the box if necessary, and draw on section lines at desired increments.  Use a sharp handsaw to cut the plaster along the lines.  Be aware that this will likely destroy the saw blade, especially if the object in the box is metal.  Remove any dust and debris from the plaster sections, carefully label them, and document.  The plaster sections can now be used as necessary.