Strawberry Table

The strawberries and champagne at the Architectural Association’s annual Projects Review Exhibition are served on a table, designed each year by someone in the school community.  This timber table is an adaptation of the 2004 strawberry table, which was constructed of 3mm stainless steel pieces, slotted and welded together.  The updated version is composed of 26 leaves, each made from layers of 6mm birch plywood, laminated to a precise varying curve and slotted to interlock with the other leaves.  The tabletop is a 24mm thick glass round with a center hole (like a doughnut).  When the top is added, the base settles down, dropping in height to about 600mm, and all the leaves lock tightly together.  The table was moved to the offices of ARUP Advanced Geometry Unit in London following the 2007 exhibition in Bedford Square.